The caller hears your Phone Line ring (and thinks your telephone is ringing)
but at your end - you are not being disturbed 
because your telephone does not ring.

ONLY if the caller has your 4-digit secret code will your telephones ring.

[ You can change the secret code at any time, and any number of times ]

Anonymous callers, Telemarketers, Threats and Obscene messages 
are recorded-automatically, but do not disturb you.

[ your answering machine is placed in the spare room or other location where you can go check it every few days. It does not have a ringer and simply takes messages without disturbing you - your telephones throughout the home do NOT ring. ]

This way, if a long lost relative that you haven't heard from in years finds your number and calls you out of the blue but they do not know your secret code, they can leave a message for you to call them back. When you call them - explain that you have Privacy Plus on your line and they can simply ring through next time by entering the code (you give them), to talk to you.

CALLERS WHO KNOW YOUR CODE: can ring through. If you are busy or choose not to answer, your regular answering machine will record messages from your friends and family just as before.

You can eat diner in peace or watch your favorite movie or ballgame without nuisance interruption.

Privacy Plus does not change how you use your phone or answering machine, it simply does not allow unknown/unwanted callers to disturb you by ringing your telephone  (and if your phone does not ring, you are not disturbed or interrupted, nor tempted to answer the ringing line). If you are sleeping, a Telemarketing caller will not waken you.

ALL OTHER PHONE SCREENING DEVICES WE HAVE TRIED  requires you to screen your calls or answer the ringing line. 
This means you ARE disturbed !

Privacy Plus is the only device we know of that allows you to maintain control of your inbound phone calls; rings your telephone ONLY if someone knows the code you give them, keeps all others who find your number or who dial it by accident-from ringing your phone, maintaining your
privacy and peace of mind - automatically.